08.08.2022, 15:25 Uhr
Check-in - The Travel Guide
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06. August | DW English | 12:30 - 13:00 Uhr | Reisemagazin
Check-in - The Travel Guide


Find out what it's like to go travelling and sightseeing in various places of Germany. It is hosted by Nicole Frölich and Lukas Stege, both of them are big fans of travelling. They are exploring local tourist attractions and sights that make the places well-known. The series provides tours of foreign places as well, and it is hosted by a travel blogger Steve Hänisch, who discovers the best sights in Canada, Ecuador, Finland and many more countries. He gets help from the locals, who give him useful tips. And additionally Check-in presents different European key places, from Eiffel Tower to Colosseum.

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